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Mister, Burton & French, llc – Your Success Is Our Reward

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Mister, Burton & French, LLC is a full service, Maryland-based accounting firm that provides audits, tax services and management advisory services for businesses, business owners and high net worth individuals. Our size, experience and breadth of knowledge allows us to serve a diverse client base while maintaining one-on-one service.

Our approach to accounting - built on a passion for addressing client needs - yields more than just a financial statement or completed tax form. It also enables us to interpret the fiscal health of a client. We’ll tell each client exactly what they need to know, and even more importantly, what they need to do to reach their financial goals. This holistic approach allows us to examine every part that makes up the whole of a client.

If our approach seems unique, it’s because we encourage each member of our team to work with the client, not just for the client. At Mister, Burton & French, LLC, we pride ourselves on our ability to attract and retain highly motivated and intelligent CPAs who have the gift of seeing both the rearview mirror and the road ahead. They help us deliver quality, professional service that sets us apart.

For more information about how we help clients keep more of their business and personal wealth, call 410.771.9040.

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